BEST WESTERN PLUS Flathead Lake Inn and Suites – Kalispell, MT


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When you stay at our Kalispell hotel, not only do you stay at a clean, well-maintained rooms, with great amenities and a good central location, but you also stay with people who care!

Our Standard Two Queen Room

Our Standard Two Queen Room

Location, Location, Location

Skiing at Blacktail Mountain, spending a day indulging in outdoor recreation at Glacier National Park , or exploring your favorite shopping areas are all short drives from our Kalispell hotel.  We are centrally located in the Flathead Valley on the South end of Kalispell, between Bigfork, Kalispell and Lakeside.

Flathead Lake is just a short drive away and a prime spot for water recreation. The mountains are a beautiful backdrop for a fun day filled with boating, skiing, fishing or hiking. From the incredible annual Dragon Boat Festival to the incredible golfing in the region, nearly every outdoor sport you can imagine is close to our Kalispell hotel.  Our hotel is the perfect place to rest and relax after a long day of adventure or work.

Top Amenities

Our 24-hour indoor pool provides guests with a perfect place to relax. Our friendly staff is committed to making sure every guest’s stay is comfortable, and every morning is kicked off right with a free hot breakfast. The buffet selection includes biscuits and gravy, sweet rolls, waffles, eggs, sausage, and Montana hot apple oatmeal. Complete your meal with chilled juices or 100% Arabica coffee.  We also include FREE high-speed wifi throughout the building!

Business Travelers and Groups

This Kalispell hotel offers a meeting space, and we’re a top choice for wedding groups and business travelers. Some of our regular guests are employees of AT&T, Plum Creek, Applied Materials and the Kalispell Regional Medical Center. Whether you’re here on business or in town for a special event, it’s important that you have the space necessary to take care of everything.

Reserve a well-appointed room at BEST WESTERN PLUS Flathead Lake Inn and Suites, where guests are close to all the top destinations!

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Uber comes to Kalispell!?!?

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Uber Comes to Kalispell?!?

Getting around in Montana without a personal car has always been difficult.  Public transportation is extremely limited and taxi services are spread thin (huge areas to cover, but insufficient demand to increase in numbers).  It can take over an hour to get a taxi to pick you up in the Flathead.  While renting a car is still the best option for seeing all Glacier Country and Flathead Lake have to offer, if you want to spend a night on the town, a new, better option will soon be available: Uber!  The crowd-sourcing taxi service that has been sweeping the nation is on its way to Montana.  Last spring the Montana legislature paved the road legally and now uber is “driving” down that road to Montana.

Uber is currently registering drivers for Montana (I tried contacting Uber to see when they will be in Kalispell and they haven’t go back to me yet, I’ll update this when they do).  The registration process is fairly easy, but it does require a driver’s license and proof of insurance.  You also have to watch a short training video and have a “newer” car.  If this description of the driver selection process isn’t exactly building up your confidence, take a deep breath driver (and passenger) reviews are a key part of what makes this system work.  User reviews will help you determine the trustworthiness of a driver.  If you read a review that makes you nervous, you don’t have to get in the car.  Plus, depending on the city you’re in, you can request different kinds of cars.

If you’re new to the concept of uber check out this link that walks you through exactly how the process works.

So get excited!  Uber is coming to Montana and will make transportation in cities much easier than it was before!

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Flying to Montana as Cheaply as Possible- When and What City

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Flying to Montana as Cheaply as Possible -When and What City

In the last couple months I have thought a lot about flying in and out of Montana.  I recently visited my sister in Boston, MA and was trying to buy the tickets for the lowest possible price.  A flight is such a large percentage of the cost of most vacations that it is worth doing some research.  I read a great article that explained what day of the week to buy (Tuesday 3pm ET), what day of the week to fly (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays) and how far in advance to buy (about 1 month out).  It used a huge data set from hundreds of thousands of flights and averaged it altogether.  The problem is, it varies from city to city and while that might give you some guidelines you really have to do your own research for your area and where you’d like to fly.  So I did some research for those of you traveling to Montana.

There are so many variables in the equation so I decided to focus on a couple and collect the price points on Kayak.  I looked at flights from Boston, MA to 6 locations in western Montana and flights from Miami, FL to those same locations.   Then I looked at how the price changed depending on how many weeks or months out you were booking.  I may not have used the city you are flying from, but I think the information will give you an idea of how far out to buy and possibly what city to fly into when you visit Montana.
When flying into Montana from Boston, the further out you book, the lower price you’ll pay (in general).  The best prices for every city were between 4 weeks and 4 months.  Kalispell, was the average cheapest place to fly into and Butte was by far the most pricey.
When flying into Montana from Boston, it seemed best to book last minute or book 4 months in advance.  The best prices for every city were booked 4 months in advance.  Missoula and Helena seemed to be the cheapest places to fly into, while Butte, Kalispell and Bozeman seemed to be the most pricey.
Overall, Butte seemed to be the only city that was significantly more expensive than the others and no city had a corner on the cheap tickets.  If you want the best deal and can plan far out, your best bet is to buy 4 months out.
Controlling for Variables
I had all flights starting and ending on Tuesdays.  As it happened, none of the flights directly coincided with traditional holiday traveling times (or at least the busiest holiday travel times).  Holiday flight information behaves differently.  All flights were booked for 2 adult travelers.  I did not look at total flight time or stops.
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